We are ecofriendly drivers

As a leading passenger transport company, Taxi Centrale Schiphol feels strongly involved about the well-being of the environment. We devote specific attention to sustainable business practices and the reduction of emissions standards.

Taxi Centrale Schiphol has been ISO 14001 (environmental quality mark) certified since 2014.

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that specifies the requirements that a good environmental management system should meet. Our environmental management system sets requirements for the way in which we run our business, always with a focus on the environment! We comply with strict legislation and regulations and aim to constantly improve the environmental performance of our organisation.

All of our vehicles are fitted with a particulate filter to restrict the emission of harmful substances as much as possible. Naturally our optimum planning combined with our computerised system mean that all of our vehicles are used in the most efficient manner possible and empty kilometres are kept to an absolute minimum.

All of our departments use innovative software for storing records electronically. This has allowed us to drastically reduce our use of paper and any paper we do need to use is exclusively FSC certified paper. The raw materials for this paper come from responsibly managed forests.

Taxi Centrale Schiphol remains continuously attentive to environmental developments and invests in innovative solutions that are beneficial to the environment.

High quality transport and environmental friendliness now go hand in hand!